What makes a good match?
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2016

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My favourite interview question is:

Tell me about your favourite families. What made those relationships work?

Here’s a collection of the best responses so far. I think we can learn quite a bit from these ladies…

Open communication, a clear understanding of each other’s expectations. A sense of humour.

– Sofia

The parents and the nanny need to share a mutual understanding and philosophy when it comes to childcare.

– Jayden

Instinct, sharing the same values & ideas, flexibility, communication.

– Anita

Open communication is always a good thing. Clear expectations, flexibility and a grounded relationship.

– Esther

Honesty and communication are absolutely vital. Keeping the whole atmosphere positive and ensuring everyone is involved.

– Kiara

Communication. Being on the same page as the parents and maintaining consistency.

– Katie

Similar interests, lifestyle and child-raising values. Looking back on a previous role, I really didn’t click with the parents and I shouldn’t have taken the job because it’s not beneficial for either party. So that connection is really important.

– Ursula

Open and honest communication. Asking questions, raising issues. When I first started I was too scared to ask questions but it’s absolutely vital to be able to do this.

– Ella

Mutual respect, absolute honesty, transparency, communication, interpersonal skills. Loyalty, reliability. Gut feeling. I love direction, and being given expectations from the start so I know I am doing what the parents want me to do.

– Miranda

Open communication and honesty. The parents and the nanny need to understand their roles. My first family loved that I’m a hard worker and I like to get things done. We also had a personality connection and the children respected me.

– Maddie

Communication, understanding, and trust. I have learned that I really need to communicate my needs from the very start.

– Sarah

Open communication. Talking things through as they arise. Not taking anything too seriously. Happy and positive approach from the nanny - the job is often tough, hard work, so it’s important to stay relaxed.

– Marion

Good, honest communication. Compassion for each other. It’s not just a job; it’s a relationship.

– Charlotte

A good relationship with both parents and children, direct communication, honesty, and transparency.

– Elena

The winner? Communication. I’ll be sharing some handy communication tools soon.

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