Nannies in Melbourne

Nanny in Melbourne: Introducing Braidicea

It's wonderful to chat with you today, Braidicea. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in New Zealand but actually grew up in Queensland, Australia. After High School, I moved back to N.Z to study Fine Arts in Wellington. I then went on to complete an Expressive Arts degree in Creative Writing while working part time at a lovely Early Childhood Centre in the city. There has always been this this magnetic something that draws me across the Tasman time and time again. Most recently that charged tension assisted in pulling me to magnificent Melbourne where I now live, play and work. I love to write, paint, read and photograph my impressions of this colourful city. I'm currently working on various creative projects, one of which involves writing for children.

How did you find Nanny Match?

I found Nanny Match after hours of trawling online job sites. Disheartened and exhausted I was about to give up for the day when I saw an ad for Nanny Match. It sparkled with friendly, ethical and unique professionalism. I couldn't help but push the 'join' button!

What attracted you to Nanny Match?

I was immediately drawn to Nanny Match's quest in finding 'creative' 'empathetic' nannies 'who smile throughout their day'. What's not to love about that? There was something about the tone of the advertisement that really resonated with me and after further investigations I was pleasantly surprised to find that the site advertises ethical jobs which pay fairly.

Tell us about a child who you have cared for through Nanny Match? What is special about them?

All the children I look after are amazing! It's really difficult to write about one. I'm currently looking after an adorable baby girl however who has become my Tuesday treasure! Audrey has such a lovely, smiley disposition and is an absolute delight to be around. I enjoy watching her expressions as we read Hairy Maclary together. Her smile seems to swell into laughter and her arms wave up and down animatedly as she observes the magic each page brings. Such a cutie!

What do you enjoy most about your days with Audrey?

I really love seeing Audrey's beaming smile on a Tuesday. She brightens my day! We have so much fun together. Whether its dancing in front of the mirror, singing songs, walking to the park, playing peek a boo or reading stories—these moments are always full of laughter, curiosity and wonder. It is such a privilege to look after her and I'm grateful to have formed a special bond in the short time that we have known each other. I look forward to celebrating her growth and extraordinary milestones with her and her family.

What are your strengths as a nanny?

I like to think that my love of art, music, nature and story-telling influences my strengths as a Nanny. I enjoy creating, singing, exploring and reading with children as it assists in fostering their ability to be creative and expressive. Inspiring a love of learning is of huge importance to me. I like to work and learn alongside children—sharing in the delight, wonder and amusement new discoveries can bring. The ultimate super glue that strengthens my nanny powers however, is a magical concoction of patience, kindness and love.

What does a day in the life of you look like?

Well, my day usually begins with a strong coffee and a bit of yoga to get the creative juices flowing. I then like to squeeze in as much writing, brainstorming and pondering into my morning before I go to work. This usually takes place at my desk, a noisy cafe or on a walk to the park. Most afternoons I head to North Fitzroy to look after three fabulously bright, funny and gorgeous kids who I adore. In the evenings I cook dinner and enjoy the last of the sun on our balcony. Sometimes this motivates me to write more but more often than not I simply curl up with a compelling book or movie.

How does nannying support the other parts of your life?

As a creative person it can be difficult to find a job that works well alongside your artistic pursuits. My roles that I found through Nanny Match however not only help me maintain my creative writing financially but also fuels my imagination. Working with children is the most rewarding and inspiring experience. Kids say the most refreshingly original and honest things. They really spark great ideas for story-telling. When writing for children in particular, it helps to have a sense of what interests or impresses them. With my daily interactions I feel that I gain an authentic insight into what provokes laughter and intrigue for children. For that, I'm truly grateful.

What makes a great nanny and family match?

Personally, I think that communication and appreciation are significant in a great nanny and family match. I feel unbelievably lucky to work for two families that maintain fantastic communication by keeping the channels open and honest. Their appreciation also means a lot to me. Both families always take the time to say thank you for my help at the end of each day. It sounds simple but gratitude and recognition for your time and energy bears incredible value.

That's a really good point, Braidicea. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.