Melbourne Nanny: Introducing Olivia
Ruby Brown on January 06, 2018

We’re so lucky to work with Olivia who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time in childcare. Olivia wows us with her ability to take on any job and she is an incredibly hard worker.

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Tell us a little bit about you?

I grew up in Queensland, mainly in the area of Logan until I moved to London for 2 years and now I live here in Melbourne in the wonderful area of Northcote. I studied my diploma in early years services. My goal for 2018 is to finish knitting my partner a jumper I started last year!

How did you find Nanny Match?

While I was researching nanny work before I moved to Melbourne, Nanny Match came up. The site wasn’t quite up yet but Ruby was so polite in an email informing about when the site would be working that it stuck in my mind to check it out again soon.

What attracted you to Nanny Match?

Feeling that personal touch and feeling wanted and respected by an agency was a new feeling as my previous experiences havent been as personal

Tell us about a child who you have cared for through Nanny Match? What’s special about them?

The first job I had with Nanny match was looking after this beautiful little baby girl, Louie. She isn’t an easy baby but her smiles joined with her lovely parents outlook towards me made going to to work so enjoyable!

What do you enjoy most about your days with Louie?

Playtime with her always puts a smile on my face—every time I took her on the swings at the park she would light up and her laugh is very contagious!

What are your strengths as a nanny?

My strengths as a nanny are my experience, having worked with children my entire adult life allows me to feel comfortable in any situation and I have the ability to put parents at ease. I am also very understanding and persistent, if I am struggling with a position I will try a lot of different approaches to do better and feel more settled.

I agree; I always feel so confident sending you to a temp job—you’re a natural at dropping in and helping new families to feel comfortable. Tell us, what does a day in the life of you look like?

Well at the moment my partner is using my car for his work so I wake up, get dressed, have some eggs and hop on my big orange bicycle and go to work. My ride can take me about 45 minutes as my bike was definitely not built for speed; I know this because I watch all the bikes overtake me! Then I spend the day going to the park or swimming lessons or school drop offs until it is time to hop back on my bike and make my way home to my partner who normally has started dinner for us. We snuggle in for some Game of Thrones or Friends.

How does nannying support the other parts of your life?

Nannying in comparison to working in childcare centres help with my stress levels a lot, this allows me to enjoy my time outside of work as there isn’t any work to do at home. It allows me to have most of my weekends free which allows me to explore Melbourne, which is why I moved here in the first place!

What makes a great nanny + family match?

Respect. Having respect for each other creates a great environment and takes the pressure off the relationship. Communication is essential as well so you can work as a team which helps the children grow constructively. When a family match is right the nanny becomes part of the family, you become a part of their childhood and they become a part of you as well.

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