Nannies in Melbourne

Nanny in Melbourne: Introducing Jessica

Thanks for chatting with us today, Jessica. Can you tell us a little bit about your experience as a nanny?

I have over three years' experience as a nanny. I've worked with five different families in various nanny share configurations based on the families needs. I have cared for two children at a time ranging in ages from 8 months up til 5 years. I bring a lot of maturity and life experience to my work with children as I am in my early thirties and I hold a master's degree. 

What do you love about working as a nanny in Melbourne?

For me, being a nanny is never just a job, its always a unique invitation to be part of a family and cherish the responsibility of caring for someone's children. I love that the child/children and I get to build a strong bond and ideally I become almost an extension to the family I'm working for. The relationship between nanny and family that develops is, without a doubt, the most rewarding part of being a nanny. 

When you're seeking a new nanny job, what do you look for?

Hours: Depending on my availability, I will have a specific amount of hours I'm trying to fill. For example, at the moment, I'm looking for 25-35 hours per week. 

Number of children: I'm open to caring for 1-3 children. 

Age of the children: My personality, maturity and experience make me ideally suited to a role with young children from 12 - 36 months. 

Connection: I'm eager to meet with families who are seeking to build that strong and ongoing working relationship with a nanny who can become an extension of their family and wholeheartedly care for their children.

What makes nannying different to the usual 9-5 job?

It's a workplace unlike any other! And I mean that in the best possible sense. There are unique challenges to this kind of work and I always feel a great sense of responsibility that someone has trusted me with their precious little ones. But at the same time, it's most fulfilling to makes the lives of busy parents easier and make a positive impact in the lives of young children. 

Why do the families you work with choose to engage with a nanny?

The parents I have previously worked with chose to engage a nanny to ensure their child could experience a more personalised level of care and socialisation. The parents loved that I could text them photos of their kids throughout the day, that I could tailor indoor and outdoor activities, classes and other recreations to their child (or children's) unique gifts and personality. 

What are your strengths as a nanny?

Creativity, maturity, patience and genuine affection/empathy for the children. As the daughter of a primary school teacher, I've always known a house full of fun activities for children that captivate them and assist with their cognitive and physical development. I bring this creativity to work every day as a nanny.  

Regarding maturity and patience, I became a nanny after a corporate career and I have found these strengths to be indispensable transferrable skill to nannying. It ensures I stay cool under pressure, I am able to facilitate any conflict between the children and can time manage a busy family schedule. 

Lastly, genuine affection and empathy. It's easy when you love kids and especially the age range that I've been working in! As well as being one of my key strengths, its something I consider a key responsibility of being a nanny. Yes, I'm there to create captivating and educational experiences for the children, yes, I'm there to ensure their safe and comfortable, but I'm also there to make sure the children to know that they're valued and listened to by the "big person" who's looking after them. 

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insight, Jessica. Your new family will be so lucky to work with you.