Finding a nanny

Thinking about hiring a nanny?

Navigating the nanny world can be a confusing experience for first time families. The pressures of contemporary family life and long childcare waitlists encourage more parents to consider engaging a nanny.

Nanny care can be a wonderful experience for parents, children and nannies. Families can enjoy flexible, one-on-one care, less illness and a unique extension to their circle of trust. Nannies find reward in working closely with children and supporting them to learn and grow.  As nanny Jessica puts itbeing a nanny is never just a job, its always a unique invitation to be part of a family and cherish the responsibility of caring for someone's children.

Before jumping into a search for a nanny, your first step is to determine if nanny care is a viable option for your family. You'll need to consider:

Timeline: Inviting someone to work in your home can be new and unusual but also wonderful and worthwhile. It's important that both parties feel 100% comfortable with each other before engaging. Do you have back up care in place to give you enough time to find the right person? Finding the right nanny can take anywhere between two weeks and two months. Putting time into your search means you can find someone who could be with your family for years.

Employer obligations: In most cases the nanny could be deemed an employee for superannuation and WorkCover purposes. In these circumstances, either the family, an payroll service or an agency will need to take on employer obligations, administration and costs. We recommend speaking with your accountant and reaching out to a nanny payroll service like Nanny Pay.

Cost: Investing in 1:1 care means a higher cost compared to traditional child care. Most nanny services are not government rebated, however some families may be eligible for the in-home care package.

Retention: If you're looking for a long-term match you might like to consider offering at least 6 hours per shift and the kinds of benefits you can offer to keep the right person. This can include an attractive hourly rate, flexible hours, shared meals.

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