Employment Agreement with Nanny Match

Casual Employment Agreement

Re: Offer of casual employment

It is with pleasure that I confirm an offer of casual employment as Nanny with Nanny Match PTY LTD (Employer).

1. Job title and position responsibilities

(a) You have been appointed to perform the position of Nanny for the Employer.

(b) Your employment will be on a casual basis, as required. Each occasion that you work will be a separate contract of employment which ceases at the end of that engagement.

(c) A position description detailing your specific responsibilities and duties in this position is included in Schedule 1. You may be required to perform these duties, and any other duties that the Employer assigns to you, having regard to your skills, training and experience.

(d) Your classification level will be N/A in accordance with the None – National Minimum Wage & National Employment Standards (Award).

(e) You will be required to perform your duties at Parents’ address, or at another location as reasonably directed by the Employer.

(f) You will be required to complete a Nanny & Family Agreement with each Parent/s you engage with.

(g) You will be required to complete a Nanny & Family Review after four weeks of engagement with each Parent/s.

2. Terms and conditions of employment

2.1 General terms and conditions

(a) Unless more generous provisions are provided in this letter or the schedules, the terms and conditions of your employment will be those set out in the Award and applicable legislation, including the National Employment Standards in the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Neither the Award nor any applicable legislation is incorporated into your contract of employment.

(b) Your employment may be terminated by Nanny Match by giving one day’s notice.

(c) As a casual employee, there is no guarantee of ongoing or regular work.

2.2 Policy

(a) You will need to comply with all of the Employer’s policies and directions from time to time, including those in relation to confidentiality, safety, harassment, discrimination, smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption. However, the Employer’s policies do not form part of the employment contract.

(b) The Employer is a non-discriminatory and equal opportunity employer. Employees must not engage in any form of unlawful discrimination and must treat all fellow employees, clients, contractors and members of the public in a respectful manner.

2.3 Worker’s compensation

In order to protect the rights of employees, notice of any injury incurred during working hours or while travelling to or from work must be given immediately to the Employer. You can report injury by email (ruby@nannymatch.com.au) or phone (0406262869).

2.4 Return of Employer property

On termination of your employment, you are to promptly return to the Employer all property of the Employer or Parents which is under your control or in your possession.

2.5 Confidentiality

By accepting this letter of offer, you acknowledge and agree that you will not, during or after the course of your employment, except with the consent of the Employer or as required by law or in the performance of your duties, use or disclose confidential information relating to the business of the Employer, including but not limited to client lists, trade secrets, client details and pricing structures.

3. Payment

3.1 Hourly Rate

(a) You will be paid an hourly rate for all hours worked. You will be required to submit your working hours to the Employer by way of Deputy. You will be required to check in upon arrival at the Family location and check out upon leaving the Family location.

(b) The standard Hourly Rate will be minimum $22.125 per hour. You will be paid an Hourly Rate of minimum $22.125 per hour for work performed on weekends and an Hourly Rate of minimum $22.125 per hour for work performed on public holidays. Please keep record of your starting rate with Nanny Match as communicated by email.

(c) You will receive your pay fortnightly into your nominated bank account.

3.2 Casual loading

(a) Your Hourly Rate includes a 25% casual loading.

(b) This casual loading is to be paid to compensate you for all entitlements that you will not receive, including annual leave, sick leave, penalties, loadings and any other entitlements arising from a relevant industrial award or legislation.

3.3 Superannuation

(a) In addition to the Hourly Rate, the Employer will make a payment into a superannuation fund of your choice in accordance with relevant legislation.

(b) In the absence of you specifying a superannuation fund, the Employer will allocate you a fund and make payments accordingly.

3.4. Hours of duty

(a) As you are employed in a casual capacity there is no guarantee of ongoing employment.

(b) Your hours of work will be agreed upon with the family. You may be required to work outside of these hours, with reasonable notice.

(c) In accordance with the Award, there is a requirement to work at least 2 hours on any day worked.

4. Your obligation to the Employer

During your employment you will be required to:

(a) Perform all duties to the best of your ability at all times;

(b) Use your best endeavours to promote and protect the interests of the Employer; and

(c) Follow all reasonable and lawful directions given to you by the Employer, including complying with policies and procedures as amended from time to time. These policies and procedures are not incorporated into your contract of employment.

Please save a copy of this document for your reference. By completing our online employee form, you are accepting this offer of employment.

Yours faithfully,

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