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Finding the right nanny for your family
Ruby Brown on April 29, 2017

We caught up with Ruth, who is a mama and lawyer. We matched with Ruth with Brooke (mama and nanny) in early 2017.

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Interview with Nanny Printables
Ruby Brown on April 22, 2017

I recently took part in an interview with Rebecca of Nanny Printables. Cheers, Rebecca!

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The Rise of the Part Time Nanny
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2017

As parents find themselves without family support, working longer hours than expected and running businesses from their home office, part-time nannies are becoming more popular than full-time carers.

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Educators as Carers
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2017

After completing a BA of Early Childhood Education in 2015, Sarah decided to take a step away from formal education systems and continue her work as a private nanny. She was drawn to the opportunity to form intimate in-home partnerships and the ability to work with children from infancy through to toddlerhood. She wanted to combine her skills as a caregiver and educator: Sarah De Lean Personalised Educare was born.

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Intergenerational Care
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2017

We’re part of an ongoing conversation about childcare alternatives that offer more flexibility to our community. We connected with Neri Solomon to learn more about a great solution that could change the lives of many Australian families.

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Apply to attend the Outdoor Learning Conference
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2017

We’re looking for a nanny with an interest in outdoor learning—someone who can go along, soak it all in and report back to the Nanny Match community.

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Introducing: Gemma
Ruby Brown on June 21, 2016


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WWC Check & First Aid
Ruby Brown on April 10, 2016

Nannies working in Melbourne must hold a valid Working with Children Check. The WWC Check screens a person’s national criminal history and in some cases their professional conduct. The Department of Justice & Regulation continues to monitor these records for the life of each card - that’s five years.

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What makes a good match?
Ruby Brown on April 04, 2016

giphy.gif Power GIF by Libby Vanderploeg

My favourite interview question is:

Tell me about your favourite families. What made those relationships work?

Here’s a collection of the best responses so far. I think we can learn quite a bit from these ladies…

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Interview with Artshub
Ruby Brown on March 28, 2016

Check out this great article by Peta Mayer featuring Nanny Match and Melbourne mum Olivia Poloni.

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Our Talented Nannies
Ruby Brown on January 28, 2016

One of the best things about employing a part-time nanny is that they have time for other projects and they bring a fresh energy to your home.

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