Connecting families with Melbourne’s most creative, experienced & educated nannies.

I find great people so they can find each other.

Nanny Match is about making meaningful connections. After dedicating my time to meeting with hundreds of families and nannies, I’m now an expert in finding the needles in the haystack: creative, educated and experienced carers. The reason I’m able to attract great nannies is because I only take on the kind, welcoming families they would like to connect with.

If you’re a nanny, I look forward to meeting you. If you’re a family in need of an extra pair of hands, I look forward to helping you find your match!

Ruby Brown, Founder of Nanny Match
We couldn't be happier with the nanny we found through Nanny Match, we actually loved all the nannies we interviewed, so it was hard to choose! I've recommended Nanny Match to several of my friends already.
– Missy Higgins,